Centennial (1920-2020)

Immortals and Builders - Part 2
In the first part of this chronicle, we told you about these legends of amateur and professional golf. We now invite you to discover our builders and the volunteers who have shaped the Québec Golf Federation. Read more.

Immortals and Builders - Part 1
In this final issue, what better way to relive Golf Québec's centennial than to take a virtual guided tour of its Hall of Fame and also to honour the builders and volunteers who have shaped the organization. Read more.

Junior golf: Almost 100 years of achievements
Although the first provincial championships were held in 1920, when the Province of Québec Golf Association was founded, there was no mention of a junior championship on the program. It was not easy for young people at that time to play this sport, which was only available at private clubs. Read more.

The Great Ladies in the History of Golf Québec
Despite what some people might say, the acronym GOLF is far from meaning "Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden". Indeed, golf was one of the first sports to attract women's participation. Read more.

The Men's Triple Crown Still Not Conquered After 70 Years
At the height of Golf Québec's competitive season, we present to you the history of the three tournaments that make up the men's Triple Crown: the Men's Provincial Amateur Championship, the Duke of Kent and the Alexander of Tunis. Read more.

The History of the Ottawa Regional Association
With the Alexander of Tunis Tournament to be held at the Camelot Golf Club on August 31, 2020, we are pleased to introduce a new series of chronicles that will present the history of this tournament, which is part of the Men’s Triple Crown, and of the Ottawa Valley Regional Association (OVGA) where it began. Read more.

The History of Golf Québec Member Clubs
With its incorporation on November 4, 1873, the Royal Montreal Club claims the honour and merit of being the oldest legally constituted club still in existence, not only in Québec, but in North America. Its first course was a 9-hole course on what was then called Fletcher's Field. Read more.

The Evolution of Associations in the 21st Century
Gender reunification in 2005
After 92 years of separation at the national level, the Royal Canadian Golf Association which oversees men's amateur golf and the Canadian Ladies’ Golf Association return under the same roof in 2005. In the same vein, in Québec, the amateur associations are about to merge. Read more.

The Evolution of Associations in more than 100 Years
As reported in a previous issue, the first association governing golf in the country, the Canadian Golf Association, was born on June 6, 1895. It quickly became the Royal Canadian Golf Association (RCGA) in June 1896 with the approval of Queen Victoria. Read more.

The First Provincial Competitions
From April 5, 1920, the Province of Québec Golf Association (PQGA) became the only organization to control the sport of golf in the province. In doing so, the annual provincial championships were held for the first time at the Country Club of Montréal in Saint-Lambert, which included the Québec Open and Québec Men’s Amateur. The two days of competition on June 18 and 19, 1920, were a success with 164 entries in four distinct categories. Read more.

On April 5, 1920, a Provincial Golf Association Was Created
Historians do not agree on the origins of the game of golf, but the sport as we know it today would have appeared in Scotland in the last half of the 15th century. Read more.
Golf Québec Celebrates its Centennial!
Montréal, February 24, 2020 – At its Annual General Meeting this Saturday, the Québec Golf Federation unveiled a new corporate image for the 2020 season, which marks its 100th anniversary. Read more.

100 years, it's time to celebrate!

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