Rules Committee

This page will help you to get to know the members of the Golf Québec Rules Committee. These members are in place to ensure several items related to the application of the rules of golf on the Golf Québec territory. Here is a list of the items they are involved in (to name a few):
  • Training of current and future referees
  • Guiding and supporting certified referees through sponsorship
  • Within their designated territory, contribute to the enforcement of the rules of golf
  • Manage the rules of golf for Golf Québec and its regional associations in collaboration with Golf Canada
  • Review the competition policies in place at Golf Québec

The members of the Rules Committee for the period of September 2021 to August 2024 are:

Nancy LaytonEastern TownshipsPresident

 Daniel Legault MontréalMember

 Mathilde Blais MontréalMember
  Jim Davidson OttawaMember
Elyse Fleury
François Gagnon
Jacques Sévigny
 Mary Thomas


If serving on the Rules Committee is something you are interested in, you may wish to review the COMMITTEE MANDATE for guidance on the following:

  • Primary duties of the committee
  • Primary duties of the Committee Chair
  • Primary duties of the Education Coordinator
  • Membership: who can serve on the committee
  • Duration of a term on the committee
  • Application process to become a committee member

Please feel free to contact any of our committee members at Have a great season and, most importantly, study well the rules