First Drive


 First Drive Program

Designed to facilitate access to our sport and participation of families in the game of golf, the First Drive Program invites children of 7 to 12 years old to play for free, at participating golf clubs, when accompanied by an adult who pays his own green fee. The program also aims to supporting golf clubs and encouraging them to unite and commit to junior golf development.

Adapted Yardage for Children

When we talk about adapted yardage, we mean that participating golf clubs must set special tees, on their teeing greens or through the course, to accommodate children with shorter distances. For instance, a par 3 hole should be approximately 100-yard long, while a par 4 would not exceed 200 yards and a par 5 would be around 250 yards.

Dedicated Starting Times

As part of the First Drive Program, children can reserve their starting times every day of the week, when playing with a paying adult. However, each participating golf club may choose to dedicate a specific range of hours to their young guests. For promotional purposes, it will be crucial to communicate this specific information to Golf Québec.

Your Junior Development Program

Your club surely has implemented activities that are specifically designed to incite more children to visit your facilities. With this in mind, we invite you to use the Future Drive Program which makes our sport so much more accessible to a larger number of children. To help you furthermore, Golf Québec is also committed to actively promote this program through our communications.

Benefit From This Increased Awareness

Visit our website in the Play Golf section. You will find the First Drive program under Development. Print the application form, fill it out, and send it back to us by e‑mail ( or fax (514 252-3346). In order for us to promote your First Drive Program efficiently in our communications and electronic platforms, you will need to let us know its exact settings.


First Drive Tour

This summer, we are proud to present to you the First Drive Tour. Come play with your friends!

With features that are quite similar to the First Drive program, this Tour aims to encourage children to discover the game, incite golf facilities to participate in junior golf development, and provide lighter playing conditions such as 9 holes with shorter yardage adapted to children. It provides an amazing opportunity to explore the game of golf for youngsters of 7 to 12 years old by making our sport easier to access and friendlier.

Most importantly, it enhances the importance of golf discovery and having fun while playing the game. The First Drive Tour brings children to benefit from the various activities proposed by Golf Québec and its regional associations. Our goal is to initiate their passion for golf and build their dreams of playing for the rest of their life.

Find an activity of the First Drive Tour in your region.  


First Drive Program and Tour

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