Federated Athletes

Identification criteria of athletes for each category :

Espoir  (2020 / 2021 Seasons)
The federated ranking of athletes follows the Espoir, Relève, Elite, and Excellence categories :
For the period of November 1, 2020 to October 31, 2021

Espoir (PDF) - List will be avaible soon
Relève - (PDF)
Élite -  (PDF)
Excellence - (PDF)


Identification of athletes in the federated ranking:

Given that the competitive calendar has been turned upside down due to the pandemic situation, all national events have been cancelled and provincial events have been modified, we feel that it is justified to renew this year's ranking for next year. The athletes identified for the 2020 season will be the same in 2021. This is an option offered and approved by the DSLAP of the MEES. They have been informed of our decision.

Commitment conditions apply: Athletes must remain active in their athletic talent development at the highest level in golf. They must be able to demonstrate this by competing at an appropriate level, training according to their training plan and being supervised by a coach.


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