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About the Duke of Kent 
The Duke of Kent trophy was first introduced in an invitational tournament held on Saturday, June 22, 1935. This event was sanctioned by the Golf Association of the Province of Québec and won by Gordon B. Taylor of Kanawaki, a former Canadian amateur champion. Seven editions of the tournament were held at the Duke of Kent Golf Club before it definitely moved to the Club de golf Royal Québec. Since then, Graham Cooke has set a very high challenge by winning the precious Duke of Kent trophy five times. No one ever got close to this record except for André Gagné, a member of the host club, who captured the title three times (the latest being in 1979). In the new millennium, Lee Curry of Rideau View (2002, 2003), Mathieu Rivard of Royal Bromont (2008, 2009), Raoul Ménard of Pinegrove (2011, 2014) as well as his brother Émile also from Pinegrove (2016, 2018) wrote their names twice on the trophy.
The lowest score ever played in the Duke of Kent was the 134 strokes registered by Mathieu Perron of Club Laval-sur-le-Lac in 2013 after two rounds. In the 2000’s, Sonny Michaud is the last member of the Club de golf Royal Québec who won the Duke of Kent in 2012. Keven Fortin-Simard had successfully represented the club in 2007.
In honour of a member of the Royal Québec Golf Club who recorded his 50th consecutive participation in the tournament in 2012, the André Gagné Trophy is now awarded to the best player from the Québec City area. During his amateur career, Mr. Gagné participated in 55 consecutive editions of the tournament and saw his name engraved on the Duke of Kent trophy three times, in 1966, 1975 and 1979. He was inducted into the Québec Golf Hall of Fame in 2016.

Book of Record - Duke of Kent Trophy 

The Kent Golf Club take's its name from his Royal Highness Prince Edward - Duke of Kent, fourth son of King George III of England.  He came to Canada in 1791 in charge of the British Garrison, located at Québec City. He occupied the pretentious home since then called " Kent House" - part of the grounds of which is the Kent Golf Club property.  The title ceased on his death in 1820, to be revived one hundred and fourteen years later when his late Majesty George V conferred the title on his fourth son in 1934.

His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent presented to the Kent Golf Club a beautiful silver trophy to be played for by British amateur golfers in Canada.  This trophy was received from England in March 8, 1935.  A photograph accompanies this record.

At a special meeting of the directors of Kent Golf Club, held in Québec on Saturday, May 18, 1935, it was resolved - that three trustees - W.J. Lynch, President, Kent Golf Club; Brigadier-General T.L. Tremblay, C.M.G., D.S.O. of Québec City; and Alfred Collyer, Montréal, Past President of the Royal Canadian Golf Association, be appointed as custodians of the recently donated Duke of Kent trophy and that the trophy be transferred to them by a deed of gift from the Club.  It was also resolved - that the trustees be empowered to make all rules and regulations affecting the cup or any miniature thereof.  A unanimous resolution of thanks to James Wilson, for the leadership he displayed in securing this cup, was recorded.

Transfer of the cup to the appointed trustees was consummated on June 18, 1935, by an agreement between the Kent Golf Club and the three trustees and signed on behalf of Kent Golf Club by W.J. Lynch president: J.E. Roberge, secretary, in the presence of the three trustees - W.J. Lynch, Alfred Collyer and T.L. Tremblay, - who also signed the agreement.  This agreement provides for the continuity of competition and the succession of trustees.

The trustees named Fraser S. Keith as Honorary Secretary of the trusteeship.

At a meeting of the trustees held on Monday, May 27, 1935, the following rules and regulations were adopted:

1. That the trophy be known as -- "The Duke of Kent Trophy".--

2. That the original trophy be retained permanently by the trustees, and that a walnut cabinet, with glass walls, size approximately 14" x 21", be constructed of sufficient size to contain both the original trophy and the miniature, to enable the trophy to be placed on exhibition at a location or locations to be decided upon by the trustees.

3. That a miniature or miniatures be made of sterling silver, approximately 10 inches high, including base.

4. That the trophy be competed for annually on Kent Golf Links, at Montmorency Falls only, or on the links of a successor club to be named by the trustees.  This club, however, must be situated in the district of Québec City.
5. That the name of the winner of the trophy be inscribed on a shield, as well as the name of the club he represents and the year.

6. That the winner of the trophy for the first annual competition, to be held on June 22, 1935, will retain the first miniature in his possession.  The winner in following competitions will retain the miniature for one year, or until the next annual competition, and if won three times, not necessarily in succession, by the same person, the miniature to remain the permanent property of the winner.

7. That all miniatures have inscribed thereon " miniature of original".

8. That the Duke of Kent trophy will be played for at the same time as the invitation tournament of the Kent Golf Club, the first competition to consist of thirty-six holes, medal play.  A handicap limit of fifteen was agreed upon.

9. That the trustees may change the conditions of play for the trophy at any time, including the handicap of the eligible players.

10. That the following be eligible to compete for this cup:

a) Amateur golfers who are British subjects and members of any golf club affiliated with the Royal Canadian Golf Association, including any guests or privileged members of such golf club, provided such guests or privileged members are amateur golfers and British subjects and have resided continuously in Canada for a period of not less than three months prior to the date of any competition.

b) His Excellence the Governor-General of Canada and the members of his family, household and staff.

c) Active officers of the Royal Navy, the British Army and the Royal Air Force.

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