Québec Golf Hall of Fame

The Québec Golf Hall of Fame is responsible for examining the nomination forms to acknowledge, honour, and perpetuate the memory of those who have made a significant and positive contribution to golf in the territory served by Golf Québec, as amateur or professional competitors, directors, officials, or others.

Its members also plan for the financing of theHall of Fame’s activities and projects as well as preserve the documents, mementos, and other items pertaining to the history of golf in Québec.

Eligibility Conditions
To be eligible for induction into the Québec Golf Hall of Fame, whether alive or posthumously, candidates should, normally, have lived or pursued their golfing activities in Golf Québec’s jurisdiction. Such candidates must have made a significant and positive contribution to golf in Québec, as amateur or professional competitors, directors, officials, or others.
Every nomination must be seconded. Individuals may not nominate themselves. 
Submit a Nomination
You will need to visit the SURVEYMONKEY PAGE to download a Nomination Form (Word), complete it and submit it online with your supporting documents. The selection committee meets at the beginning of each year. To be eligible for a given year, applications must be received by 30 January. They will be kept on file for a period of five (5) years.

About the Québec Golf Hall of Fame
The Québec Golf Hall of Fame was conceived by three past-presidents of the Québec Golf Association (QGA), Misters Larry Boyle, Maurice Dagenais and Roger Legault. Their desire was to pay homage to the many great Québec players and builders who have distinguished themselves provincially, nationally or internationally. A general consultation process began as various groups were asked to identify different personalities who might be honoured. Next, a selection committee was established with a mandate to evaluate the proposed candidates and determine those that would be elected for the inaugural ceremony in 1996. 

Friends of the Québec Golf Hall of Fame
The Friends of the Québec Golf Hall of Fame program was implemented to raise all the required funding to restore and conserve the considerable archives of Golf Québec as well as catalogue our artifacts and make them available to tour in our member clubs. For more information or to make a donation, please contact Jean-Pierre Beaulieu at jpbeaulieu@golfquebec.org.

About the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame and Museum
The Canadian Golf Hall of Fame and Museum (CGHF) celebrates the outstanding individuals of Canadian golf from players, both amateur and professional, to the builders, architects and others who have been fundamental to the evolution of the game in this country. Operated by Golf Canada, the Hall of Fame, museum, library and archives are open to visitors to discover more about the game and its inductees. Find out more about the CGHF or submit a candidacy.

Committee and Inducted Members

The 2023 selection committee is comprised of:
  • 4 members appointed by Golf Québec, at least three of whom are past presidents of Golf Québec: Charlie Beaulieu; Jacques Nols; Marcel Paul Raymond; Graham Cooke
  • 1 representative of the PGA of Canada: Guy Faucher
  • 1 inductee: Debbie Savoy Morel
  • 1 selected by the committee: Michel St-Laurent
Inducted members of the Québec Golf Hall of Fame
Pierre Archambault (1944 - ) inducted in 2017
Gordon Baxter Taylor (1909 - 1999) inducted in 1996
Adrien Bigras (1938 - ) inducted in 2005
Jack Bissegger (1932-2009) inducted in 2019
Rémi Bouchard (1964 - ) inducted in 2023
Jocelyne Bourassa (1947 - 2021) inducted in 1996
Mario Brisebois (1953 -) inducted in 2018
Mary Lee Cobick (1970 -   ) inducted in 2020
Graham Cooke (1946 - ) inducted in 2008
Judy Darling-Evans (1937 -) inducted in 1998
Steve Davies (1958 - ) inducted in 2022 
Alexander Dennistoun (1821-1895) inducted in 2020
Doran "Duke" Doucet (1947 -  ) inducted in 2020
Pat Fletcher (1916-1985) inducted in 1998
André Gagné (1944 - ) inducted in 2016
Damien Gauthier (1913 – 1999) inducted in 2000
Christopher Howard Gribbin (1921 - 2012) inducted in 1996
Mary Ann Hayward (1960 -) inducted in 2011
Stanley Horne (1912 - 1995) inducted in 1996
Jules Huot (1908 - 1999) inducted in 1996
The eight Huot brothers inducted in 1996
Karl Kaspar Keffer (1882-1955) inducted in 2016
Bill Kerr Sr. (1911 – 1997) inducted in 1997
Lisa Meldrum (1982 - ) inducted in 2023
Albert Henri Murray (1887 - 1974) inducted in 1996
Charles Richard Murray (1882 – 1939) inducted in 1996
Jacques Nols (1945 - ) inducted in 2012
Dave Ross (1943 - ) inducted in 2022 
Debbie Savoy Morel (1953 -...) inducted in 2017
Daniel Talbot (1953-…) inducted in 2019
Marie-Thérèse Torti (1963-...) inducted in 2021
Robert "Bob" Vokey (1939 - ) inducted in 2017
Howard Watson (1907-1992) inducted in 2021