Board and Committees

To contact the members of our Board of Directors:

2020 Board of Directors
  • Denis Loiselle, President*, chairman of the Regional Association Council
  • Louise Patry, Vice-President*
  • Ève Gaudet, Secretary*, Representative of the ACGQ
  • Michel Dell’Aniello, Treasurer*
  • Steven Brosseau, Representative of the PGA of Canada
  • Gisèle Carpentier, Director
  • Martin Ducharme, Director, Representative of the ACGQ
  • François Gagnon, Director (Montréal)
  • François Gagnon, Director (Mauricie), Member of the Regional Association Council
  • Sonia Houde, Director
  • Dominic Racine, Director, Representative of the PGA of Canada
  • Édouard Rivard, Director
  • Robert Bissonnette, ex-officio
* The President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer are composing the Executive Committee.
Back row: François Gagnon, Édouard Rivard, François Gagnon, Martin Ducharme,
Michel Dell’Anniello, Jean-Pierre Beaulieu
Front row: Sonia Houde, Ève Gaudet, Denis Loiselle (President),
Louise Patry, Gisèle Carpentier
Absent: Steven Brosseau, Dominic Racine

Operational Committees

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