2022 Volunteers of the Year

The Governance and Ethics Committee Is Honoured

The Québec Golf Federation (Golf Québec) is celebrating the International Volunteer Day by acknowledging the work of the members of its Governance and Ethics Committee and by honouring them as Volunteers of the Year for 2022.


Montréal, December 5, 2022 – Like all sports federations, Golf Québec is under the jurisdiction of the ministère de l'Éducation du Québec (MEQ) which provides funding through its support programs. To maintain its eligibility for these grants, Golf Québec must meet the requirements of the Programme de reconnaissance des fédérations sportives du Québec (PRFSQ). At the beginning of 2021, the MEQ tightened its requirements by asking that sports federations also comply with the Code of Governance for Québec Non-Profit Sport and Recreation Organizations before February 15, 2023.

This comprehensive framework led to extensive reflection and discussion by the members of our Governance and Ethics Committee: Eve Gaudet (Chair of the Committee and Secretary of Golf Québec), Louise Patry (President of Golf Québec), François Gagnon (Vice-President of Golf Québec), Dominic Racine (Executive Director of the PGA of Québec and member of the Golf Québec Board of Directors), as well as Denis Loiselle, who initiated the process with this group before stepping down when he became the immediate past president of Golf Québec.

For countless hours and in more than 20 meetings, they reviewed our By-laws to ensure that they were current and met the high standards of the Code of Governance. It was a long process that finally paid off when our member clubs approved the new By-laws at a Special Meeting in November.

In appreciation for their outstanding contribution to this monumental undertaking, the members of the Governance and Ethics Committee are collectively honoured as the 2022 Volunteers of the Year. A special mention will be made at the Annual General Meeting of Golf Québec to be held on February 25, 2023.

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Jean-Pierre Beaulieu, Executive Director
514 252-3345, ext. 3732 – jpbeaulieu@golfquebec.org

François Roy, Assistant Executive Director
Philanthropy, Partnership, and Communication
514 252-3345, ext. 3392; cellphone 514 349-4653 – froy@golfquebec.org

Guylaine Sirois, Communication Manager
514 252-3345, ext. 3745 – gsirois@golfquebec.org