The World Handicap System is now in effect. In the spring, to inform the golf community, we will offer seminars including a certification as well as visits to member clubs for the general public.

Visits in member facilities

These visits will last one (1) hour including a question period. They will provide an overview of the rules of handicap, the main changes that were implemented, and their rationales. To receive Golf Québec at your establishment, please fill out the form.

To find a club that offers the presentation near you, please visit our events section on Facebook.

Handicap seminars

These seminars will last four (4) hours and include a certification exam. We will make a detailed presentation of the rules of handicap to allow Club Representatives and any interested person to improve their knowledge of the World Handicap System. Handicap seminar schedule

For more information, please visit:

Handicap Links

Handicap Certification program online

The books are available on Golf Canada online boutique.

Rules of Handicapping Golf Canada (PDF) 

For more information on how your handicap will be calculated, the new standards, and answers to the most frequest questions, visit the Golf Canada Handicapping and Rules and Rants web page.