Volunteer of the Year in Québec

Golf Québec Honorary Governors

Past presidents of the Federation automatically become Honorary Governors. In addition, the Board of Directors is authorized to nominate former directors who have served the Federation exceptionally well as Honorary Governors.
Volunteer of the Year in Canada

Recipients of the Pierre Nadon

Pierre Nadon was a prominent journalist with a great passion for golf. He was also the publisher of Golf Canada magazine during his distinguished career. When he passed away in 2005, his colleagues chose to perpetuate his memory by highlighting an exceptional involvement throughout the year and, most often, in the shadows.

Volunteer recognition program

Golf Québec's Volunteer Recognition Program is a way to provide recognition for outstanding performance and contributions by a volunteer who has played an instrumental role in supporting amateur golf in Québec or Eastern Ontario. Individuals volunteer for many reasons: personal growth, personal achievement, to create social bonds and strengthen their community.

If you know of someone whose efforts are worthy of recognition, at the provincial level, we encourage you to make a submission by sending an e-mail to