Golf Québec committed to protect integrity in sports

Thanks to the joint work of the government, sports federations and the various stakeholders that make up the Québec sports community, a Policy for the protection of personal integrity was implemented on February 1, 2021, in all Québec sports federations.
This Policy, which includes an independent Complaint Officer, helps to establish a trusting environment so that victims can denounce and file complaints without fear of retaliation. In doing so, the denunciation process is standardised and fair, and complaints are analysed objectively and independently.
For Mrs. Isabelle Charest, Minister of Education and Minister responsible for the Status of Women in the Government of Québec, this is a major step forward in the world of sport, since until now, the processing of complaints has been handled differently by each federation due to a lack of resources. 
In order to provide a safe environment for all its participants and stakeholders, Golf Québec is committed to implementing this Policy on the Protection of Integrity in Sport.
For Sport'Aide, which is directly involved in these measures, this is an important step.
Finally, it should be noted that, in order to promote prevention and raise the awareness of those concerned, information and training tools will also be made available to athletes, coaches, referees, directors, and volunteers involved in recreation and sport.