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About our members
Golf Québec is a non profit organization consisting of some 240 golf courses across the province of Québec and Eastern Ontario. Individual membership in the association is currently at 40,000 players.
Golf Québec, in partnership with Golf Canada, is proud to provide for 2020 the Gold membership.
Expanded suite of benefits to our member facilities and their golfers, click on the picture on the right it will give you more details about the benefits.
  • Facility : established by number of holes
  • Gold membership for golfers
If your club wants to become a new member, please contact Gladys Iodio, 514 252-3345, ext. 3755.
Gold membership - for every golfer who is a member in an affiliated golf facility:
  • An Official Golf Canada Handicap Factor®
  • Equipment ID® Labels 
  • Up to $2,500 Equipment Replacement in case of loss, theft or damage
  • Up to $1,000 Window Protection Guarantee
  • Up to $2,500 Incident Protection Guarantee
  • e-Golf Québec newsletter subscription
  • Opportunity to participate in regional, provincial, and or national events and championships
  • Internationally recognized Golf Québec/Golf Canada digital membership card identifying you as a member of your amateur golf associations, which is essential for entering tournaments

Membership benefits

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