Terms and conditions

Membership into the Public Golfer Program of Golf Québec gives you access to some products and services offered by Golf Québec/Golf Canada.

In accordance to the shipment of the Public Golfer products and services, I agree to pay the amount of $49.95 plus applicable taxes. Official registration therein is effective only upon total payment.

Member confirmation will be delivered by e-mail. Said member is responsible for precise information provided to Golf Québec/Golf Canada, namely his/her e-mail address. Said member disengages Golf Québec/Golf Canada of any responsibility in this matter.

Public Golfer Membership of Golf Québec is valid for a year from the purchase date after which it must be renewed.

Membership may be paid by Visa or Master Card.

Service availability
Golf Québec does not guarantee permanent availability of the Public Golfer Program services. Services may be temporarily interrupted when system maintenance is required. Golf Québec, however, will do its utmost to ensure that service to its members will be available on a regular basis. At times, e-mails will be sent warning of possible system maintenance requirements.

Limit of responsibility
Golf Québec shall not be responsible for damages incurred when using the Public Golfer Program services. Should Golf Québec at fault for any reason(s), its responsibility will be limited to the amount disbursed for membership into Public Golfer Program. Golf Québec does not offer any guarantee whatsoever as regards to software to the Public Golfer Program.

Force of circumstance
Golf Québec cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses incurred by the said Member in the case of circumstance deemed beyond its control. Disruptions of telecommunication network services are deemed to be of the like.

Any monies stipulated in the present agreement are in Canadian funds.

This agreement is limited to the terms between Golf Québec/Golf Canada and the Member of the Public Golfer Program.

Applicable legislation
The present agreement is subject to Canadian legislation and more particularly Québec legislation.

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