Order Your Membership Card

Golf Canada changed the way membership cards are distributed. To plan for this new process, your golf club has two options.

Option 1 – Get personalized cards printed for every members and distribute them.
Option 2 – If your club does not distribute membership cards, they could select not to have any cards printed at all and invite their members to order them individually through the Golf Canada Score Center or GGGolf.

1. Login in the Golf Canada Score Center (there is a link on the top menu of our homepage www.golfquebec.org).

2. On the right hand side of the 10 digits composing your membership number, click on MENU and select Account Settings. On the left hand side of that page, select "Order a card".

3. Fill out the form and don't forget to provide us with your home address. Your personalized card will be mailed out within three or four weeks.