Development Centres

The establishment of a network of Junior Golf Development Centres across Canada, providing interested youth with the opportunity to access comprehensive age appropriate golf programs and services, delivered at a national standard, providing the skills and experiences to the participants and their families that will keep them involved with golf for life.
The JGDC initiative provides a clear golf developmental pathway with comprehensive coaching support for golfers between the ages of 5 – 18. These centres will create a systematic approach to developing junior golfers which benefits players, families, coaches and golf facilities.   The end result is a system which can provide support to players demonstrating a desire and high level of competency while fostering the life-long passion for golf as a basic underpinning to the entire programming.
Clubs Sites
Head coaches
Sites / Coordonnées
www.golfchicoutimi.comJonathan Moreau
Pierre Dugas /
Maxime Paiement
Gray Rocks Louis Bourgeois
Dominique Morency
Le Mirage
André Désy
Le Versant
www.golfleversant.comMartin Morency
Les Cèdres
Luc Deschamps /
François Bernard
Léviswww.golflevis.comPhilippe Bergeron
Guillaume Cloutier
Académie de golf Fred Colgan (AGFC)
Patrick Rhéaume 
Académie de golf Fred Colgan (AGFC)
Vallée du Richelieu Marc-André Guimond
www.clubdegolfvenise.caPierre Lallier

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