Board and Committees

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2016 Board of Directors

  • Marcel-Paul Raymond, President
  • Robert Bissonnette, Vice-President
  • Ève Gaudet, Vice-President, ATGQ 
  • Lynn Bellocq, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Marie-Pier Mailhot, Director
  • Bernard Vaillancourt, Director
  • Édouard Rivard, Director
  • Martin Ducharme, Director, ATGQ
  • Daniel Langevin, Director, PGA of Québec
  • Rémi Bouchard, Director, PGA of Québec
  • Louis Aubin, Director, Chairman of the Regional Association Council
  • Denis Loiselle, Director, Member of the Regional Association Council
  • Marc Tremblay, Ex-Officio




From left to right - back row: Louis Aubin, Rémi Bouchard, Robert Bissonnette, Martin Ducharme, Bernard Vaillancourt, Édouard Rivard, Denis Loiselle.
Front row:  Marie-Pier Mailhot, Marcel Paul Raymond (President), Ève Gaudet.
Photo credit by Golf Québec. 
  (Absent: Lynn Bellocq, Daniel Langevin, Marc Tremblay)

Operational Committees

Édouard Rivard
Rules Committee Chairman  


Tournament Player Representatives
Diane E. Drury 
Duc Dao