Selection Criteria

Men's teams:

  1. Men's Amateur Team  / Team Funding
  2. Men's Senior Team / Team Funding
  3. Men's Mid-Amateur Team / Team Funding

Men's selection criteria per tournament:

Women's teams:
  1. Women's Amateur Team / Team Funding
  2. Women's Senior Team / Team Funding

Women's selection criteria per tournament:

Junior teams:
  1. Junior Team: Boys' / Girls'  /  Team Funding : Boys' / Girls'
  2. 2020 Williamson Cup Team
Junior selection criteria per tournament:

  1. Pee-Wee and Bantam Classic : Boys' / Girls'
  2. Optimiste Classic : Boys' / Girls' / Optimiste Intern. Selection Criteria
  3. Junior Boys' Provincial Championship Qualifiers : Boys' / Girls'
  4. Provincial Junior Championship: Boys' / Girls'
  5. Bantam, Pee-Wee & Mosquito Provincial Championship : Boys' / Girls'
  6. Canada Games (N/A in 2019)
  7. Junior Match Play Championship
  8. Graham Cooke Junior Invitational : Boys' / Girls'
  9. Inter-Regional Championship

FAQ – BlueGolf tournament registration module

Even if I am on the English website of Golf Québec, when I enter the tournament registration module, it automatically switches to French.
Yes, it does! The tournament registration module is powered by BlueGolf, which automatically detects the language of preference set in your computer web browser. To modify this parameter, you might want to change your Internet Options available in the Tools tab of your web browser.
I can’t write the name of my golf club to complete my registration.
BlueGolf is only offering the list of our member-clubs. To speed up your search, only type the first 3 letters of your club’s name. For instance, if you type BEA, our scroll down menu will offer Beaconsfield. If you are a member of our Public Golfer Program, type PU and select Public Golfer. Do not input the name of the first course that you find.
Conform Equipment in Our Tournaments
You are wondering if your equipment will be legal in our tournaments? The lists of non-conforming drivers, conforming driver heads, and conforming golf balls are universal and used by all golf associations. Click here to get them and verify if your equipment is conform or not in our competition.