Sponsor of the Junior Provincial Tour

Daigneau is a Québec company specializing in the distribution of spring and distilled water. Founded in Valleyfield in 1977 by Lucien Daigneau, the company is now based in the Montréal area. Since 1999, the company has been headed by Diane Rioux, president, a 25-year veteran of the food industry. Daigneau offers delivery of spring water in 11- and 18-litre bottles and a selection of water cooler models for rent (commercial only) or purchase. We serve greater Montréal and, like spring water, are transparent. For more information please visit http://daigneau.ca/en.   


Corporate sponsor
Nivo is a Montréal brand that creates style-driven golf apparel for active women. It’s vibrant, confident, performance-oriented and has a fashion focus that keeps its designs fresh. WE ARE: STYLE-DRIVEN: Our design inspirations are drawn from today’s fashion runways, not yesterday’s golf fairways. CONFIDENT: We are bold, strong, and comfortable in our own skin! VIBRANT: We have an energy and vibrancy that is ageless, and it defines both our look and our spirit.
For more information or shop online, please visit the Nivo Sligo web page.
A long-time partner of Golf Québec, the NIVO brand of women attire presents an EXCLUSIVE offer to club women’s teams, such as the popular intersectional teams. This summer, four kits of the 2018 collection, featuring different colours and styles, were developed for you, at a preferred “Intersectional” price. It is still time to order for the upcoming golf season. 
To order today, contact:
Eastern Québec
Agence sport Patrick Labrie (ASPL)
Western Québec
Annie Babineau

Sponsor of the First Drive program

The Boutiques Progolf specialists, over a hundred CPGA members, are committed to providing you professional advice at competitive prices. For more information, please visit our web page.

Partnership Programs

Sponsorship Program


  • To position your Company as a Partner of Golf Québec;
  • To offer your Company access to the “golfer demographic” as well as grassroots exposure and superior brand positioning;
  • To mutually develop and implement innovative “golfer centered” programs and sponsor exploitations enabling your Company to showcase your products and services to the golf community.

The sponsorship offer includes a wide variety of advantages and features including naming rights, corporate hospitality, significant visibility on the Golf Québec website and the weekly electronic newsletter distributed to all Golf Québec clubs and competitors. Additional benefits include on-site tournament visibility, visibility on printed promotional materials as well as access to our email database.
For more information on the various opportunities, please contact:
François Roy
Assistant Executive Director
514-252-3345, extension 3476