POINT DISTRIBUTION CHARTS: the point distribution charts are the documents you must refer to so that you can get the points for each position at a tournament. To visualize the correct chart, you must know the number of players registered in your category. Following that step, you than pick the chart that applies to the number of players and look at the right column of points associated to that tournament (given in the tournament listing documents).
TOURNAMENT LISTINGS: each tournament listing presented below consists of all the tournaments associated to each category and each tournament is linked to a number of points. The number of points is the winners' share and to know the points for each position following 1st place, please refer to the point distribution charts.
Point distribution charts 
Stroke-play 81 et +
33-44 21-32
10 et -
64 32
2018 Women's Amateur Tournament Listing
2018 Jocelyne Bourassa Series Women's Amateur Team - Order of Merit
2018 Women's Senior Tournament Listing 
2018 Jocelyne Bourassa Series Women's Senior Team - Order of Merit

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