2019 Executive Director's Report

Jean-Pierre Beaulieu, Executive Director 

In 2019, we aligned our operations with the new three-year strategic plan. Our three main objectives from the previous cycle were still relevant: diversifying and increasing our revenue resources, communicating and promoting the game of golf, and fostering the implementation of introduction and excellence programs. We added the new objective of developing close relationships with our industry partners.

Our operations are managed by a stable team of experienced and multidisciplinary permanent employees. Our regional associations are strong and rely on dedicated and competent volunteers.

Diversifying and increasing our revenue resources

As a not-for-profit organization, we always ensure that our capital reserves remain adequate in the short and medium term, allowing us, as we did this year, to face an occasional deficit.

We derive most of our revenue from memberships of member facilities and golfers, events, partnerships and donations.

This year, we rejuvenated the image of our fundraising campaign under the theme My golf, my community, and I. The campaign is designed to raise the funds required to support our efforts to introduce children and families to the game of golf, which is well illustrated by the new promotional materials of the campaign. Launched in the spring, it concluded in October with our Fundraiser Tournament held at Golf Le Mirage. We are proud to say that in thirteen years we have raised close to $900,000 to support our development programs. Is this reasonable to think that in 2020 we could reach our first million as the Federation will celebrate its centennial?

The financial contribution of our partners is essential to the success of our golf season. Many thanks to Daigneau, Nivo, Turkish Airlines, belairdirect, Gendrongolf, TaylorMade, adidas, and MonGolf.ca from Ovation médias.

In addition, we received grants from the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES) based on our yearly activities:

  • Québec Sports Federations Support Program (PSFSQ);
  • Program to Support the Development of Excellence (PSDE);
  • Sport Events Financial Support Program (PSES);
  • Placements Sports, a program that matches donations collected in our community.

Communicating and promoting golf

Our communications aim to promote the Golf Québec brand, its programs and initiatives. They also help rejuvenate and revitalize the image of golf among Québec customers in order to broaden our community of golfers and encourage them to play more frequently.

Our website, the prime source of reference, is supported by very dynamic social media, our popular newsletter, e-Golf Québec, and our interactive magazine, Élan. This year, to showcase our properties and achievements, our staff was supported by Sportcom's seasoned team.

Golf Québec also continued its partnership with the Industry Standing Committee to deliver the Get Out, Play Golf campaign with the help of Oasis communication. Thanks to our dynamic influencer, Max Lalonde, the campaign literally exploded on social networks, capturing the attention of golfers of all abilities as well as golf establishments that are increasingly contributing to the creation of exclusive digital content.

Reinforce the implementation of programs aligned with the “introduction” and “excellence” pillars of sport development

From introduction to excellence, our development structure is a benchmark model for many other provinces. Our programs form a simple and effective path that first leads players to discover the game of golf and then to surpass themselves in order to reach the highest possible levels of competition, including, for those who wish to do so, pursue a golf career.

More and more athletes from our development tours are succeeding at the highest levels of our sport, which validates without a doubt the success of our amateur programs. This year, to offer them even more opportunities for the future, we added the Mackenzie Investments Open to our calendar of events. Now, the province's top players can also compete against a world-class field and demonstrate that they have what it takes to succeed at the professional level.

Build strong relationships with industry partners

Golf Québec strives to forge close ties with its member facilities and regions. For this purpose, I took advantage of the spring and fall meetings to tour the province and meet everyone along with our President.

With Golf Canada, we also innovated by presenting our Annual General Meetings jointly. Since Quebecer Charlie Beaulieu was elected to the national presidency, it was an ideal opportunity to work together even more. During the season, we also organized a forum where some 40 representatives of the provincial industry shared their views on our strengths, weaknesses and issues that we face.

The Golf Québec team

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the good work and efforts of our staff. Thank you François, Guylaine, Gladys, Patrice, Michèle, Éric, Diane, Sandrine, Guy N., and Normand. Thank you to Guy Bernier, Regional Director of Golf Canada in Québec. We wish him to enjoy his well-deserved retirement. Thank you also to our President, Denis Loiselle, and to the members of our Board of Directors.

Jean-Pierre Beaulieu, Executive Director