2019 President's Report

Denis Loiselle, 2019 President

At our Annual General Meeting on March 2, Robert Bissonnette passed the torch of the Golf Québec presidency to me. It is a great honour for me to contribute to the achievement of our federated mission aiming at increasing participation and developing excellence in golf. As our slogan so aptly describes it, we all wish to Initiate passions, build dreams.

Strategic Planning

Following an analysis of our issues and priorities, we have adopted a new strategic plan for the 2019-2021 cycle. This document lists our main objectives to diversify and optimize our financial resources, communicate and promote the game of golf, foster the implementation of initiation and excellence programs, and develop close relationships with our industry partners. It also identifies the strategies to be implemented to achieve these goals.

A Gold Membership

The new membership model is now standardized across the country. With their Gold card, members enjoy tangible benefits that are available year-round rather than being limited to active season activities in their province. Think, for example, of coverage for incidents that could save you a lot of hassle on a golf trip down south in the dead of winter. Golf Québec and Golf Canada are always striving to add value to this Gold membership.

Golf Québec is also working to diversify its sources of revenue through targeted fundraising and partnerships that allow us to continue our activities and enhance the offer to our members.

A rejuvenated and dynamic image

For several years now, we have been working to promote the Golf Québec brand, its programs and initiatives while rejuvenating the image of golf and democratizing it. To achieve this, our communications network relies on tools and technologies that facilitate the engagement of the entire industry, as you have certainly noticed with the Get Out, Play Golf campaign.

Our young people's progress toward excellence

Golf Québec is proud of its development programs that introduce young people to golf and lead them to sporting excellence. With eight players on Team Canada, the province has enjoyed the strongest representation we've had in a long time. Céleste Dao, Christopher Vandette, Laurent Desmarchais and Olivier Ménard were part of the Junior squad. In fact, Christopher Vandette brilliantly defended his title as Canadian Junior champion. Brigitte Thibault and Joey Savoie were members of the Amateur team and we counted on the presence of Anne-Catherine Tanguay and Hugo Bernard in the Young Pro squad.

In order to offer more opportunities to our star players, we also developed a new partnership with the Mackenzie Tour - PGA TOUR Canada. This summer, Golf Québec presented its first Mackenzie Investments Open. A total of fourteen Quebecers took part in this international event, including Joey Savoie who is currently trying to qualify to become a professional player. As for Étienne Brault, he competed in his first tournament as a golf professional and recorded the lowest score of our provincial delegation.

The future of golf, an international collaboration

Our relations with the industry are not limited to collaboration with other Québec associations. Through our partnership with Golf Canada, we also play a very active role in the future of golf in the French-speaking world.

With the arrival of new rules of golf, we have created a series of webinars so that all francophone referees could adequately prepare for the mandatory renewal of their certification. We have also offered information sessions to help golfers and club staff understand the changes that came into effect on January 1.

I would like to acknowledge the excellent work of Diane Barabé, Jean-Claude Gagné and Jacques Nols who have enabled Golf Canada and the R&A to publish the French editions of the new rule books. This project earned them the finalist plaque at the Gala des Mérites of the Office québécois de la langue française. For these three volunteers, the adventure has already started all over again with the translation of the World Handicap System which will be deployed in 2020.


I would like to acknowledge the sound governance of the members of our Board of Directors who ensure that our mandate is fulfilled. With member golfers, regional volunteers, representatives from the ACGQ and PGA of Canada, our Board is diverse and inclusive. Thank you to my fellow members of 2019 for their precious collaboration: Stéphane Dubé (Vice-President), Louise Patry (Secretary), Frédéric St-Germain (Treasurer), Michel Dell'Aniello, Martin Ducharme, François Gagnon, Ève Gaudet, Sonia Houde, Kimberly Nadeau, Dominic Racine, Édouard Rivard, and my predecessor, Robert Bissonnette.

The Power of Volunteering

I would like to thank our many volunteers for the time and energy they devote to managing our programs and services. I have witnessed the tremendous work done by our referees and volunteers at provincial and regional events. Every day, their dedication is translated into countless small gestures that allow Golf Québec to present tournaments and championships of the highest quality.

To the staff of Golf Québec and their General Manager, Jean-Pierre Beaulieu, hats off! Your passion is contagious and we are grateful to you for sharing it with the golf community.

Golf Québec is now actively planning for 2020, a pivotal year in our history and we invite you to celebrate our centennial!


Denis Loiselle, President