Henriette Turbide, 2018 Volunteer of the Year

Jean-Pierre Beaulieu, Executive Director,
Henriette Turbide, 2018 Volunteer of the Year, and
Robert Bissonnette, President

Montréal, December 10, 2018 – During its provincial meetings that were integrated in the schedule of the 2nd Golf Summit, Golf Québec took the opportunity to honour its 2018 Volunteer of the Year.

Henriette Turbide’s passion for the game of golf began in 1993. A member of Club de golf l’Empress in Rimouski since 2007, this former clinic nurse worked in psychiatric wards and was instrumental to implementing family medicine groups (FMG). She retired in 2012. Since then, she has been volunteering with the Lower St. Lawrence/Côte-Nord Regional Association (AGEQ\CN) where she contributes to a large array of projects including tournament and intersectional matches management, the Rules of Golf and handicap system. She also likes to help regional golfers when they need to input their rounds in the Golf Canada Score Centre.

A member of the Regional Executive Committee since the fall of 2013, she has been the corporation’s Secretary and in charge of women’s amateur and senior activities since the very beginning. In 2014, Gaétan Richard, one of her fellow volunteers, passed away suddenly and the presentation of the men’s intersectional matches was jeopardized. To prevent that these popular events would be cancelled, Henriette decided to step up and added duties to her already very busy schedule. She managed the intersectional competitions for two years and, to this day, still provides support to the new group of volunteers who were appointed to that tour.

In 2017, in collaboration with the Regional President Jean-Marc St-Pierre, she implemented a senior league gathering the four (4) golf establishments of Rimouski: Bic, L’Empress, Les Saules, and Val-Neigette. This initiative involved a lot of work, including meeting with the clubs to promote the playing format (2-ball, best ball), negotiate green fees with the clubs and proshops, and collect the required funds to award participation prizes. Through this project, her main goals were to reach out to golfers who are less active in competitions (B and C classes), combine club participation with healthy rivalries, facilitate networking between golfers, and provide increased awareness to the four facilities in order to promote and increase registration in regional events. This league is very successful and participating golf clubs have increased their contribution in 2018.

As the Regional Secretary, she is supporting the President and follows up on meetings and media communications after regional events. Even if the AGEQ\CN territory is quite large, every year, she is striving to stimulate and increase the involvement of new golf clubs. As a result, she may be seen on the road to visit member clubs of the association, collect their feedback, and answer their questions regarding the Federation. When needed, she will establish a link with the Golf Québec head office. By promoting the Golf Québec membership to golf establishments, and showcasing the Gold membership to golfers, she hopes that the number of players will increase in the AGEQ\CN activities.

Henriette is committed to promoting Golf Québec’s mission which is the development of junior participation in our sport, but also inciting more adult to get out and play golf. She hopes that golf activities will not become limited to Mulligan competitions. Her goal is to integrate a variety of competitions - including 2-ball, best ball, individual, and Stableford events - in the regional adult schedule and, most specifically, catering to women. Ultimately, she would love to see golf grow as one of the main amateur sport in the Lower St. Lawrence and Côte-Nord areas.

For the permanent Golf Québec staff, Henriette is a dedicated volunteer and she is playing a key role in the promotion of our sport in the Lower St. Lawrence and Côte-Nord regions. Many thanks for her generous and exceptional contribution as well as for sharing her passion for the great game of golf!

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